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Institute of Technology and Research (ITResearch) is one of the world's largest Technological and Scientific research and evaluation organization. >> more
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  1. ITResearch launched new web portal.
  2. ITR is now an IS0 9001:2008 certified Organization.
  3. Membership registration is open now for ITR Association.
  4. ITR going to launch two new short term training program soon.
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Winner Harshal M. Bajaj
Matoshri College of Engineering and Research centre
International Conference,Pune
Winner N.Ramakrishnan
International Conference,Pune
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Winner ITResearch Conference
Bhubaneswar, India
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  • “I am satisfied with the Training given to me by Institute of Technology and Research. It gives me an opportunity to grow in the IT field.”
    M. Srinivas Reddy, Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • “ITResearch is providing very good course and I am very glad to be part of ITResearch.”
    M. VenkatRaghav, Wipro Infotech Ltd.

  • “ITResearch is very good Institute for Short Term Courses.”
    Sumit Sharma, IIT Kanpur

  • “ITResearch is the best institute for network.”
    Mohammed Anis, AITS, Hyderabad

  • “The Conferences are really helpful to all.”
    Prof. Ashwin Porwal, BIT Goa

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By Evan Ackerman The whole concept of servicing satellites in space is just so crazy that with the very rare exception of bajillion dollar pieces of hardware like Hubble, satellites just aren't designed to be repaired or refueled
17th Feb 2014
  About PET
The Institute of Technology and Research is unit of The Peoples Empowerment Trust which was founded by the Mr. R. N Barik in the year 2012, with an objective of promoting literacy and higher learning in the country. It is registered as a Charitable Trust under the Trusts Act, 1950. Over the years, Peoples Empowerment Trust has undertaken a number of education initiatives, which make a difference in the lives of deserving and needy students.
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  1. The Adobe Creative Suite 3 Video Workshop offers over
  2. 200 training videos covering a wide
  3. range of subjects for print, web, and video professionals.
  4. You can use the Adobe Video Workshop to learn
  5. about any Creative Suite 3 product. Many videos show you how
  6. to use Adobe applications together.